Sculpture Falls

by Rob Greebon

Sculpture Falls in one of the most iconic places on the Barton Creek Greenbelt. This stunning image by photographer, Rob Greebon, captures a quiet moment at the falls, which often teems with swimmers when the weather is warm and the water is high.

Courtesy Rob Greebon. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

"I much prefer to start the walk before sunrise when it is quiet and peaceful. It feels like I'm a world away from the city at sunrise when no one is around, and the only sounds are the gurgling of water flowing over the different cascades." Check out Rob's other work here.


A Day at the Falls

Although they are all grown up now, Nick and Noah Schatz remember spending many happy hours on Barton Creek.

Courtesy Lorenzo DePaolis


An oasis

in the heart of Austin

All of this area was once ranchland that was purchased by the City of Austin for public use. The water is usually safe to swim, but avoid right after a heavy rain or when the water is stagnant.

Courtesy Lorenzo DePaolis