on the Barton Creek Greenbelt

The Seismic Wall is just one of the many climbing places on the Barton Creek Greenbelt. Meet some of the climbers and organizations that are involved in maintaining these areas for public use.

Courtesy Josh Googins

My name is Josh Googins. I’m 32 and I grew up in Austin’s Greenbelt having spent the majority of my childhood and adult life swimming in Barton Springs and Gus Fruh. Climbing in the Greenbelt makes it so much more than just a hiking or swimming experience for which it would already be sufficient. It creates another layer of bond to be up close and intimate with the ancient limestone faces, letting their features be your challenges.

Texas Climbers Coalition

Courtesy Mandy Mendez

The Texas Climbers Coalition has been working with Austin Parks and Recreation for many years to maintain open access to climbing within the Greenbelt area. This also involves maintenance and replacement of climbing hardware as well as frequent trail work to foster stewardship within the community and keep our local crags clean. The photos below show a typical workday organized by TCC.

Courtesy Mandy Mendez

Hank Legan, TCC trail boss instructs volunteers during a trail day he led during the summer.

Courtesy Mandy Mendez

During this workday, we covered exposed tree roots near the Seismic wall by building a rock bed and adding, soil pebbles and mulch.

Courtesy Mandy Mendez

Moving large boulders, which we would use to form a wall along the base of the tree.

Courtesy Mandy Mendez

Placing the boulders around the tree to form a cavity for mulch and pebbles.

Image courtesy: Iman Javanmardi.

Building up a base of soil, pebbles and mulch.

Courtesy Mandy Mendez

Members of the Texas Lady Crushers after a job well done!

Courtesy Mandy Mendez

Before and After.

Texas Lady Crushers

Texas Lady Crushers is the leading organization for gender minorities in Texas to network with intention through COVID-conscious climbing events, guided climbing and photography clinics, panel discussions, retreats, social gatherings, and volunteer opportunities.

Courtesy Emilie Hernandez

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Courtesy El Massey

I was born and raised in Austin and started climbing at the green belt in high school with my friends in 2008ish. Back then, there was nearly always water at Seismic and Gus, so we’d spend most of our summer break rotating climbing/swimming to keep from overheating. It was the best “free” activity around—and I climbed barefoot then so I didn’t have to buy shoes! I moved away from Austin for grad. school and then my first professor job, but I recently moved back and started climbing again (this time with more appropriate gear). I even met my partner climbing and now we’re there with our friends nearly every weekend. The greenbelt is still the best free place to climb in Austin! And the people you’ll meet there are some of the friendliest. 10/10 do recommend. — Erica Massey @el_massey

Climbing the New Wall

Courtesy Wei Eng Ang

"We are graduate students at Texas A&M University (Ang and Linda). We love the scenery, especially from the top of a climbing route, that differs every season of the year."

Courtesy Wei Eng Ang

"Here is Linda at "The New Wall" Sometimes the river is gone, sometimes the current is fierce! The trails are also clean and well-kept!"

Other Greenbelt Climbing Locations

The Seismic Wall is just one of the many climbing places on the Barton Creek Greenbelt. For more details, check out the Mountain Project.

Courtesy Mountain Project