Lost Creek

On a hot summer day swimming off of Lost Creek Boulevard is a popular pastime. The land here is private, however, and not part of the City of Austin Barton Creek Greenbelt. Officially, this area is reserved exclusively for those that live in the Lost Creek subdivision.

Courtesy Todd Dwyer

Developer W.H. Bullard

Austin American-Statesman, July 19, 1982

Like much of West Austin, the land that is now the Lost Creek subdivision was once a ranch. It was purchased by W.H. Bullard who later offered to sell the land to the City of Austin. The City did not take him up on the offer and in the 1970s, the bulldozers began their work, carving out the new development from the rugged land. Read more in the supporting document below.

Courtesy Joe Riddell

This sign from 1979 reminds people that this land is privately-owned.

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