A Hike From Trailsend Trailhead

with Save Our Springs Alliance Executive Director, Bill Bunch

Save Our Springs Alliance, Executive Director, Bill Bunch, leads a group on a hike from the Trailsend Trailhead at 1710 Camp Craft Road. If you don't mind the steep and rocky grade, this is the greenbelt entrance for you. This access point leads to plenty of secluded trails and the upper falls, a concealed swimming hole perfect for a post-hike dip.

Video courtesy of the Living Springs project.
Courtesy Joe Riddell

Over the years the neighbors who live in the area close to the Trailsend Trailhead have occasionally sought and succeeded in having this entrance to the Barton Creek greenbelt closed. Some homewowners object to the increased traffic and noise, while others have expressed concerns about increased crime in the area that they attributed to this Barton Creek public access. Common courtesy should be exercised when using the Barton Creek Greenbelt and all public spaces. Read more about this in the supporting documents below.

Supporting Documents