Spyglass Trailhead

With Irene Ogeto

"My name is Irene Ogeto and I'm an avid hiker, blogger and YouTuber. I love going hiking and discovering new places. I was exploring Austin, Texas when I discovered the Barton Creek Greenbelt. I started my hike at the SpyglassTrailhead (1601 Spyglass) and made my way along the Violet Crown Trail to Barton Springs. I enjoyed the Barton Creek Greenbelt because it made me feel like I was away from the city even though it was so close to downtown Austin. I love how the location is near the city, but you get that feeling like you're transported somewhere else. Along the trail you are surrounded by lots of trees which provide plenty of shade. There are plenty of options to hike, walk or even run along the trail. Once you get to Barton Springs you can take a dip in the cool water."

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