Cliffs above Barton Creek

with sh._.y

This little cave is located at 'The Flats' on the greenbelt, through the Spyglass neighborhood entrance. (Take a left at the bottom.) I used to live in the apartments right across from Taco Deli in that area. So I would often go up to that little cave on Sunday mornings to quietly enjoy my tacos and coffee. However, this one time after a big storm I had noticed the sun coming out before nightfall, which I knew would create an amazing sunset.

Courtesy Shy. IG@sh._.y

"Getting up to this overlook is actually quite a difficult climb, so dealing with the slippery rocks I especially didn't expect anyone else to be up there besides myself, haha. When I reached the top, this girl was up there just relaxing and enjoying the view. She told me she goes up there to get away from all of her current problems and simply watches the sunset and appreciates the beauty of life. I was up there for the exact same thing and I asked her if I could take her photo." -Shy, IG@sh._.y