Gaines/Twin Falls Trailhead

With Aaron And Andrew Garcia

"One summer we decided to stay with our brother to experience Austin living. We’ve been to the greenbelt before, but only hiked the trails. After work, we decided to go back and make a video of us rope swinging into the greenbelt. After a long search for the rope swing, we never found it, and ended up finding Twin Falls. We really enjoyed the atmosphere and how it really brought everyone together, even strangers, to laugh and jump in. Everyone’s friends, brothers, sisters, and parents were jumping off the cliff and we decided to document how fun it was. Our experience there showed us how cool Austin really is. From the day we made that video, we’ve told hundreds of people about Twin Falls."

Courtesy The Twins Videography IG@the_twins_ii

The picturesque Twin Falls is easily accessible from the Gaines/Twin Falls Access. *Note: The water is usually safe to swim, but avoid right after a heavy rain or when the water is stagnant. Access Twin Falls from the trailhead at 3918 Mopac South. There is no official parking lot here, so keep an eye out for parked cars on the side of the road.