Barton Creek Time Stream Team

Karen Kocher

Executive Producer and Creator

Austin’s natural beauty and the stories of its protectors have captured Karen’s imagination since arriving in Austin in 1989. She is the creator of the Living Springs documentary series and a Professor of Practice in the Department of Radio-Television-Film at U.T. Austin.

Living Springs
Professor of Practice

Monica Flores

Producer and Creator

Monica has delighted in the wonders of Barton Creek since 1990 when she moved here for graduate school at the University of Texas at Austin. Her studies in Journalism and Radio-TV-Film led her to production work in radio, television news, documentary and interactive media. Her latest project, with Karen Kocher is the documentary film Origins of a Green Identity.

Origins of a Green Identity

Randall Hill

Hill Creative Group

Web Design

Randall Hill’s more than 30 years of professional design experience have culminated in Hill Creative Group – a graphic design firm with expertise in branding and marketing communications for website creation, brand identity, motion graphics, print collateral campaigns, environmental graphics systems and specialty packaging.

Randall works closely with national and international clients to help them optimize their brands and achieve their business goals and objectives.

Frank Miller

Hill Creative Group

Web Programmer

Frank Miller is an experienced web developer, multimedia creator, graphic artist and designer. Frank has over 25 years of professional experience providing a wide variety of creative services to a long list of clients from local businesses to Fortune 500 corporations.

Susanne Mason

Stewards Gallery Producer

Susanne Mason is an independent filmmaker and made the low—budget documentary Barton Springs Uprising (2006) combining original footage of Barton Creek and Barton Springs with excerpts from the public testimony on June 7, 1990 before the Austin City Council. She testified and can only recall feeling extremely nervous.

Susanne Mason
Barton Springs Uprising (2006)

Caroline Cox

Graphic Design Intern

Caroline Cox is a recent graduate from U.T. Austin with a degree in advertising. She has enjoyed learning about more of Austin’s history over the course of this project, and will continue her career in graphic and web design.

Daryl Slusher

Behind the Seen, Author

Daryl Slusher is a journalist, former City Council member and Assistant Director of Environmental Affairs for Austin Water. In all of his roles he has worked to protect Austin’s water supply and water quality in addition to advocating for social and economic justice.

Molly O’Halloran

Cartographer, Barton Creek Watershed Map

Molly O’Halloran is an Austin-based cartographer whose favorite days are spent in the field. Her clients include authors, filmmakers, historians and conservation groups.

Rob Greebon

Photographer, Sculpture Falls image on home page

Rob Greebon is a professional photographer and currently resides in Dripping Springs with his wife, two young daughters, and their dog. He has three books out with a fourth coming soon, and he's been published both locally and nationally, having shot for Texas Highways Magazine, Outdoor Photographer, Backpacker Magazine, and Texas Parks and Wildlife Magazine.

Special Thanks


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