Planning Commission Okays Ordinance To Protect Creeks
(Austin History Center, Austin Public Library, 11676)

Austin History Center, Austin Public Library, 11676

Spring 1974

Dismay over the destruction of Harper's Creek in South Austin leads to the drafting of the city's first Waterway Ordinance, requiring that new developments "prevent the unnecessary destruction of the natural and traditional character of (city) waterways."

The neighbors in Travis Heights awoke to the sound of bulldozers clearing the land, so they went down there and saw what was happening and were very upset about it. They wound up calling the mayor, Roy Butler and he came out and had a conversation with the bulldozer operator that was not exactly a civil conversation as I understand. The bulldozing continued and Roy Butler was very pissed. People realized they weren't going to be able to get a handle on preserving the creek without a written ordinance.

— Environmental Attorney Joe Riddell

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