City to Weigh Pollution Laws

Austin City Council Public Hearing, April 16, 1970
Courtesy Living Springs

April 1970

City Council considers three new environmental ordinances at a heavily-attended public hearing. Austin citizens seize the opportunity to voice their support for the newly proposed Barton Creek Park.  

There are not many cities of the size of Austin around the world that are blessed with such an extraordinary enclave of wilderness so close to the heart of downtown. A free-flowing stream with rapids, with pools that reflect precipitous bluffs, a marvel of a variety of colors, textures and shapes. A place to see flowers rarely seen in the city or hear bird songs rarely heard by city dwellers. These are the assets of inestimable value to the residents of Austin. Accordingly, we urge that with flood plain protection that the City undertake to purchase land along Barton Creek for the creation of an integral Barton Creek Park to extend from Zilker Park to Highway 71.

— Alexander Mourelatos' speech presented to Austin City Council at Public Hearing


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